This is my blog, where I post all sorts of nonsense.

What’s Here?

This blog covers a few different topics, each of which can be followed individually.

  • Updates (RSS), for major site changes and long-term project updates.
  • Territorial Musings (RSS), for one-off analyses of topics to which I’m adjacent.
  • Stupid Hacks (RSS), for technical dives into programming hacks ranging from the useful to the absurd.
  • Shitposts (RSS).

Each post has a color-coded tab to indicate the category it belongs to.

What Happened to ClrHome?

It’s still around!

ClrHome is the site I’ve been running for the last decade or so, alongside ACagliano, who’s taken up the mantle of posting most of the recent updates. It’s been my outlet for posting about calculator projects and programming resources for calculator programmers. Nothing’s changing over there—I’ll still update ClrHome when I make progress on calculator stuff—but I’ve wanted a separate blog for a while where I can post about my broader interests.

This is that blog.